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How we are able to help people with 'Impaired Credit'

In 2017, 1,138,058 judgments were issued against consumers in England and Wales; an increase from 912,389 in 2016. The average value of a CCJ fell to £1,493 – 13 per cent down on the year before. In 2008 the average CCJ was £3,624 – more than double last year’s figure.

Example: Through one of our many specialist lenders we were able to help-

Mr Stone had three small defaults registered for £60 - 80 last month due to a dispute with his mobile phone provider as well as a £1000 CCJ registered 10 months ago. This occurred due to Mr Stone falling ill and being unable to work for a period of time meaning he could not meet all of his credit payments. He returned straight back to work once recovered and has made all payments without any further issues.

We could see he had maintained payments since returning to work so we were happy to support him.

We ignore CCJ's/Defaults under £300 regardless of how recent they are and we don't credit score.

Debt Management Plans accepted and can remain.

CCJ's/Defaults under £300 or over 3 years ignored, even if registered within the last 3 months.

CCJ's/Defaults over 3 years ignored.

All Telecommunication CCJ’s/Defaults ignored.

Up to 4 Defaults and 3 CCJ's within the last 3 years, none in the last 6 months.

If you have a case you would like to discuss, please contact us now!

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